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Season One/Episode Two

(The one with or without) With all that clay
mes were made, such as

a)   she looks down when she should look straight

b)   she looks straight when you told me the other night that there was a time when

c)   valleys were lush and hills. Hills hills.

A gap between them fills. Land before land fills its promise to continue to do. Things

d) (scream) 

I never promised you anything never promised you a) rose garden b) so rose guard and said: Suck it try 
to succulent, to suck you
Lent over the banister in the olden day theatre until the usher came and pulled you off.
Here is where she skips a beat to the drum is the name of a lamp shady
business attire is as consciously coded as your ripped up
a notch to say: this theatre gives me the headaches. It’s the gas lamps
brought to you by the ghostlights up a pipe, leans back casually and says:
uhm, did you know (inhale, look up / exhale with puffed up cheeks, look straight)
Boo comes from Boare: I (yell)
Pipe lined
up for hours and still couldn’t get a foot in the game is a
foot is the first place they rammed in the nail and caused morale to leak.
Look it up. A spilled cup of milk is filled back up with teary blood and sweaty tears.
Look it up.
A copper sheet on an iron frame, held apart by asbestos.
As best is this:
I claim that if I was a piper I’d take the greatest of all pleasures in leading you
On that theme: 

Although usually invisible, a kobold can materialize in the form of an animal, fire, a human being, and a candle. The most common depictions of cobalt show them as blue humanlike figures the size of small children. C-Balds who live in human homes wear the clothing of peanuts; those who live in mines are hunched and ugly (hey hey hey!); and kobolds who live on ships smoke pipes, play pipes and shove pipes where the... 

Let me disappear for a sec (Close eyes. Ask audience to close eyes. As audience closes eyes you say:)
OMG look I am back.
Again, with two eyes. One nose (as my mother used to say) a mouth that can bend in several directions.
Overall the benditure, the bendability, the bend a men ah men I meant to send this message across the seas yesterday. In a big green bottle filled with plebbles so as to make sure it sinks completely. 

I’ve had enough of you.
I’ve had it up to here
(as the levels are rising)
I had it up to
me to make a difference.
Is it?
Is it?
(now check how audience reacts. If no reaction detected, repeat with increased drama and small bubbles)
Is it?
Is it?

Get up you tired heart
Get up you tired art
(gesticulate wildly to say: Can someone bring the the tiredest of all the art and then tell the bed time story, you know which one.
The one with the red cape
Ability to pull the smallest of openings over the heads of all the worthwhile fannies-or-not out there. We cry :)
And I can assure you we will. I say we will
Do something entertaining on the way. Something that will take your mind off.
The walk the walk
The walk the walk
Mind out I mean mind your own business track out of this sed I ment out of
said dilemma. 

A shore is a prop
To shore is to prop something
They go.
They go
“not like”
I go
“like no
way is my way is highway is ungood with all the carbon diox
I’d say we fl
I’d say we flood the lot and be done with it.”

A vessel, some vessel, any sort of vessel will carry some body, any sort of body, some body
A cross on my chest flicks the wrong way round. It was the wave, mother, it was the wave father.
Bye bye. Wave sister, my blister has finally popped and the two liquids merge.
What will come out of it I wonder.

And now close your eyes (tell the huge crowd in front of you. The huge mass of which you may or may not be a part
From the fact that you are. But that is not my business
A tire slashed (I clap) a tire replaced. I nod. Ok. Fair enough.)

You figure
You also figure
Another figure on the horizon.
You figure – It out. Ok?
We’ll see. On sea. On verra. On vers Con
vers with glass, with one high security glass eye
I shall converse with my better knowledge, with my Con
science tell us we’re creatures of Com
fort fort, weit weg. Komm fort, sofort.
No time to lose.

We see bob
We bob
We see bob bob across the horizon.
Whore? I, son have never been paid, son have never been paid,
Sun a cross flicked reverse over the Chanel.
C C but one reverse over the channel.
Point of no

Or why don’t we just saw it in half
I saw it in half past
The post, the pedestal, erected for the colossal (f.)
And the rest?
Oh give it a
Rest? Only the best
is the current consensus.

Give us your x your y and your z.
One F to the G has been re
Fused. The light is back on. The torch is burning
out my 9 to 5, isn’t it a tough tough job I’m doing here
(go: aaawww. go: how can you look at yourself in the mirr
or say: how do you wake? Take her, f.e the)

Face of the mothering
Mothering thing.
Tho tarch helding hond was presented to the citizens of the United States.
Oh a lottery, a fund raising lottery. Oh alootery
Isnat oll lifa lootery.

Lamp et US a
Way for a better future:

What would you take with you?
I’d take my little black dress
It up as you will 1st, second or 3rd class
Struggle to get into the carriage, all blustered by a single cage
Fighting to get into the carriage, all occupied, preoccupied with getting your hoops up
And in order.
Smallest at the top, as is custom. As is costume largest at the bottom
Such and such percentage is gurning with de
Light up the torch and burning down the
Waste, it’s all to do with the small waste not want not
to do with the small waste, you’d be surprised whose carbon foot
Was nailed
Whose carbon footprint small
Print says you mustn’t lift your knees your
Needs above your waist and rising.
Struggle to get onto any pedestal at all? That’s because the Americans weren’t willing to pay for a French gift horse
In the mouth, he said. The guy in the seat next to me.
Told me right before take off his head with all sorts of powder or powder or powder
I want to say powder
I want to say POWER ffs.
The guy next to me tells me just before take off that the only way my
Mothering thing will be able to I dent fyi I never asked for this in
Formation of your dental structure is unique. The only other creature that shares its exact code with you, yes you, missus, is the monarchical seafood.
What, all of it?
Yes, all of it.
What, all of it?
(Pull out your clay bit of crab and show the audience)
No, just the tender bits around the claws.

Is there a better way to introduce the notion of the crabject*?

*    The term Crabject is borrowed from and used in agreement with Jacob Bard-Rosenberg

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