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          A multipart season of publications, curated by
          Christodoulos MAKRIS, gathering works and ephemera
          from a Dublin-based performance series
          rooted in WORD and SOUND 



(or, Manifestoes Read by Children)

IMPORTANT BOOKS is a new artwork and year-long curatorial project from Hotel regular Stanley SCHTINTER, called IMPORTANT BOOKS—a partnership with London’s WHITECHAPEL GALLERY that presents the first comprehensive sonic history of the manifesto in art and politics. Delivered weekly across a whole year—May 2021 to May 2022—SCHTINTER’s extensive selection ranges across time, place and all aspects of human life, radical possibility and creative aspiration. Among the many manifestos to be read, you will find The Speech Delivered by Sojourner’s Truth to the 1851 Women’s Rights Convention (Akron, Ohio); the S.C.U.M. Manifesto; Wear Sunscreen; The People Behind The Mop Buckets;  Abolish Restaurants; The Angry Brigade Communiques; The Theatre of Cruelty; A Declaration from the Poor oppressed People of England; Women in the Year 2000; Maxims & Arrows; Manifesto of Prole Art; Lessons of Darkness; A Familiar Preface; Dada Manifesto; Futurist Manifesto; Living Theatre Declaration; Cheap Manifesto; Truisms; Women’s Art Manifesto; Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell Manifesto; Auto-destructive Manifesto; Willem Van SPRONSEN’s Manifesto; 100 Impossible Artworks; and Anarchists Have Forgotten Their Principles, amongst others.



   A magazine-for the ears,
   produced by Hotel & New York Tyrant

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Partner to a press called Tenement, Hotel is a publications series for new approaches to fiction, non fiction & poetry & features work from established & emerging talent. Hotel provides the space for experimental reflection on literature’s status as art & cultural mediator. 

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