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  Duncan WHITE




Charlotte Geater
Three Poems
Shane Jesse Christmass

Angus Carlyle
Three Poems (Night Blooms)
(New Words; Makina Books, 2020)
Max Porter & Will Oldham
Several rounds of WOULD YOU RATHER?
(Rough Trade Books #35)
Jen Calleja
...from a book called I’M AFRAID THAT’S
ALL WE HAVE TIME FOR (prototype, 2020)

Daniel Pantano (in conversation with Fee Griffin)
AK Blakemore
Four Poems (from & for) Shia LaBeouf
(New Words; Makina Books, 2020)
Christodoulos Makris
A reading from this is no longer entertainment
—after the Vitamin D readings
Edwina Attlee
Four Poems
Jorge Consiglio
—Consiglio in Conversation; 
notes from Fate (Charco Press, 2020)
Crispin Best
Four Poems 
Jorge Consiglio
(Translated by Carolina Orloff & Fionn Petch)
‘An Author’s Note’—[& an Excerpt];

notes from Fate (Charco Press, 2020)
SJ Fowler
An excerpt from a book called
I’ll show you the life of the mind
(on prescription drugs)
Ernesto Garratt
An excerpt from a novel called THE LIVE INs/Allegados
(Translated from the Spanish by Jessica Sequeira)

Marie-Pascale Hardy
Jake Fournier
Two Poems
Frances Tuoriniemi
Four Poems
Brenda Lozano & Annie McDermott
(translated by Carolina Orloff)
—A conversation following the publication of Lozano’s Loop (2019)

Hannah Levene
Two Poems
Michael Almereyda
On Manny Farber & Paint & Memory
(An excerpt from a book called Manny Farber: Paintings)
Winstanley Schtinter in conversation with Colm Tóibín
‘Painting as Public Statement’
On Miró, 1968 & the Autonomy of Color;
A conversation as precursor to Pere Portabella’s Miró, l’Altre
Notes from a retrospective
[the films of Pere Portabella]

Shola von Reinhold
‘The Arcadian’
From the DESPERATE LITERATURE prize shortlist, ‘19

Cat Woodward
‘Standard Birth Poem’ & ‘Standard Mortality Poem’ 
‘TRY TO BE BETTER’—on the strange practices of W.S. Graham
(Sam Buchan-Watts in conversation with Kate Briggs)

‘TRY TO BE BETTER’—Excerpts from an Anthology
Lucy Mercer & Nancy Campbell & Lesley Harrison
Winstanley Schtinter
...screening Portabella’s ‘The Supper’ at Brixton Prison
Notes from a retrospective
[the films of Pere Portabella]

Eloise Hendy
Three Poems
Emmanuelle Pagano
Translated by Jennifer Higgins & Sophie Lewis
The Automatic Tour Guide
—An excerpt from

Astrid Alben & Zuzanna Pedrasik
Two Poems & One Animation
—An excerpt from Hotel #6

Winstanley Schtinter
‘In Search of Soledad’
Notes from a retrospective
[the films of Pere Portabella]
Medha Singh
Two Poems
Emily S. Cooper
Two Poems
Lee Friedlander
Portrait/Self-Portrait (excerpts from The Friedlander First 50)

SJ Fowler & Joe Turrent
Parasites of the Symbiocene (an excerpt from Nemeses)
Caleb Klaces
(An excerpt from a novel called) Fatherhood
Iris Colomb & Eta Dahlia
Two Solifores & Two Translations
Joca Reiners Terron
Translated by James Young

Noite Dentro Da Noite—Night Within Night
Alex MacDonald
Four Poems
Honor Gavin
Some Numbers of Cruelty
Jake Spears
‘30 VARIATIONS on a Theme & a FUGUE’
From the DESPERATE LITERATURE prize shortlist, ‘19

So Mayer
Trigger Transformer: Strobe Light, Power Drill, Witch Hunt
(or, Reading THE CRUCIBLE with Christine Blasey Ford)

Ben Pester
‘If yes’
Vilde Valerie Bjerke Torset
Four Poems
Gregg Nissan
‘The Commission’ (excerpts)
Adrian Bridget
Nathan Dragon
‘Licking the Spoon’
Charlotte Heather
Three Poems
George MacBeth
Chris Newlove Horton
‘The Oily Cape’
Elvia Wilk
(Sam Diamond in Conversation with the Author)

Pierre Senges (& Killoffer)
Translated by Jacob Siefring
‘The Economy of the City is Complex’
[from geometry of the dust]
Frederic Tuten
‘Manhattan via Paris’
(A Conversation with the Author)
Jack Parlett
Four Poems
‘Wherever you Smell Shit, You Smell Life’
Jean-Baptiste Del Amo (in Conversation)
Alice Ash
Nadia de Vries
Three Poems
Ariana Harwicz
“Friction that arises in contrast”
(A Conversation with the Author
Jeffrey Vallance
‘Chapelle de Poulet’—An Essay in XIII Pieces

Manuela Moser
Two Poems
Joseph Grantham
(Five) Pharmacy Poems

Livia Franchini
Three Poems
Jeffrey Vallance
A Scatological Eschatology called ‘Holy Shit’
(excerpted from
 Hotel #5)
Zi Wei
‘Going Home’ (Rushes)
After a Short-Film called Like Gold, Like Grey

Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Translated by Ryan C.K. Choi
‘The Women I Like in Romance Novels’
Michael Bracewell
‘What is Really Happening?’
An Essay On (or After) Dexter Dalwood
Mark Kozelek
A song called ‘Bay of Kotor’
Michael Naghten Shanks
Two Poems
Kate Schneider
Two Poems
Isabel Waidner
‘Practice Notes’
[Towards a novel called We Are Made of Diamond Stuff]

Samanta Schweblin
Translated by Megan McDowell
Steafán Hanvey—Bobbie Hanvey
‘Reconstructions;’ Five Photo-Poems
Roisin Dunnett
‘Surrealists at the End of the World’
Raul Guerrero
‘Menu of the Future’ [excerpted from Hotel #5]
Drew Buxton
‘Brady is Everyone’s’
Susannah Dickey
Two Poems
David Spittle
On/After ‘Animal Drums’
A reaction to SJ Fowler & J Alexander’s motion-picture-poem

John Akomfrah
‘Exhibit A’
Lost Property from the Hotel Bardo
(on Brion Gysin’s Birthday)
Wayne Holloway
From ‘The Land of Hunger’ to ‘The Road to Damascus’
Caleb Klaces
A short called ‘Love Story’
Name of Sender
‘Germaine Gets Slade’
A Short Study of Editorial Policy in the Hashtag Era

Dostoyevsky Wannabe
A ‘99 Point Manifesto’ from the Editors
Kyle Coma-Thompson
A short story called ‘Lady Cero’s Letters’

Chris PetitMordant
An explicatory-poem called ‘No Show’
Lily Hackett
A short story called ‘Burning’
Lauren Dostal
A poem called ‘An Undisclosed Distance’

Martin Jackson
Two Works
Ahmed Naji
(The Author in conversation with Sam Diamond)
‘Beige Writing’
Jonathan Chandler
The opening acts of Bad Man Standing
Alistair McCartney
1. ‘House—Painting’
2. ‘Mothers: Pearls’
3. ‘Stars Boys: Boys Stars’
Hiromi Suzuki
‘Sour Lemonade’
Jen Calleja
A Short Story called ‘Due Process’
Anna Cathenka
‘Reading into Gertrude Stein’
Wayne Koestenbaum
Three Instructional Paroxysms
Justin Burnell
Three Fragments from the Multipart poem, ‘Coming Out/Betrayal’
Chris Barton
A poem called ‘Sentient Junk’
Garth Greenwell
(The Author in conversation with Katie Da Cunha Lewin)
‘In this Vampiric Way...’
Rowan Evans
Three ‘Stems’
Lucy Burns & Charles Whalley
‘Positions of Cute in Post-Internet Poetry’
David Briggs
Three Poems
Sam Weselowski
Three Poems from ‘Thanks’
Kristín Ómarsdóttir
Five Poems from Waitress in Fall
Joshua Cohen
‘DataSexual’ – On Morozov, Lanier & Google
Hisham Bustani
‘Quantum Leap’
Christodoulos Makris
From ‘this is no longer entertainment’

Stanley Schtinter (& Company)
‘The Man at the Next Table’
Cuts from The Liberated Film Club

Alejandro Zambra
(The Author in conversation with Ellen Jones)

‘3500 Characters:’ An Interview 
Adrian Bridget
Three Gestures: ‘Mother,’ ‘Dinner,’ & ‘Fiction’

Adrianne Kalfopulou
A poem called 
Jean Frémon
‘Red Ink’ (from Now, Now, Louison)
Carolina Orloff & Samuel McDowell
(The Editors in conversation with Ellen Jones)
‘Crossing the Puddle: On Charco Press’
Mark Kozelek
A song called ‘My Love for you is Undying’
Alan Licht
‘65 Recent Library Checkouts (for R. Youngs)’

Mohaned Nur
Selections fromMy Geopolitics
NJ Stallard
Two Poems
John Grey
Two Poems
Molly Gunther
‘Just Above Complete Creatures’
Jackson Arn
Owen Vince
‘Black Gold Mastiff’
Jessica Bonder
‘Harvest Moon’
Susannah Dickey
‘Message Withdrawn’
Vala Thorodds
‘Carelessly we have entangeled ourselves’

James Atlee
(talking to Thomas McMullan)

‘Mapping the City,
 Mapping Chance:’

On ‘The Cartographer’s Confession’
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

‘Magick Squares & Future Beats’
Oliver Goldstein 
‘Naazim Richardson, Lately’
Patrick Langley conversation
George Ttoouli
Four Poems
‘The New Grotesque’
Angelos Kyriou
Four Poems
A.K. Blakemore
Two Poems

Leah Dworkin
‘The Hole’
Nina Powles
‘Yellow Fragments’
Brian Dillon
Jonathan Chandler
‘The Hitcher’
David Grubbs
‘Skylight Recording’
Glykeria Patramani
Imogen Reid
‘Mind the Gap’
Kate Feld
‘How to Sharpen your Knife’

Esther Kinksy
Rachael Allen & Marie Jacotey
from ‘Nights of Poor Sleep’

Jason Shulman
in conversation...
Laura Elliott

‘lemon, egg, bread’
Oliver Zarandi
Geo Bogza
‘175 Minutes in Mizil’
Mark Kozelek
‘Daffodils’ from his Yellow Kitchen
David Hayden
‘The Past’s Future is Not our Present’

Rainald Goetz
‘The Sympathetic Observer’
Anne Michaels
‘Sunday Evening,
Winter Morning,
November Dusk’
Tommy Hazard
‘The Other Zone’
Gareth Evans
Joe Bucciero
‘A Land that I’ve Dreamed Of...’

Scott Esposito
‘To Become a Mermaid...’

Mary Rinebold Copeland
Luc Sante
in conversation...
Carol Mavor
‘The Photographs of R.E.Meatyard’
Russell Persson
‘On the Island of Malhado’
Jakob Nolte
‘Tremendous Majesties’
Sophie Seita,
Excerpts from ‘My Little Enlightenment Plays’

Frank Witzel
Moments Before & After’
Joanna Rafael Goldberg

‘Without a Fisher King’
Sarah Marina
Three Poems
Luke Kennard
Jazmine Linklater
‘Three Poems/Three Dances’
Pierre Senges & Jacob Siefring

‘Études de Silhouettes’
Anna Cathenka
Three Interludes: 
‘David Bowie lives in my House’

Scott McClanahan

Two Pieces of Sarah
Nick Zedd
‘Pier One Aesthetics (are taking over Art)’
Sophie Jung

‘Producing my Credentials’
An Unfinished Libretto in Five Pieces, a season in five episodes
Wayne Koestenbaum
S.J. Fowler
‘Poem-Brut’ (Parts i & ii)
Luc Sante
‘The Unknown Soldier’
Jack Goldstein
‘Your Existence Watered my Crops:’
Unscrambling Perception with Ariana Grande
Jacob McGuinn
Three (Untitled) Poems
Joseph Turrent
‘Farrag und Freunde’

Three Poems
Emma Mackilligin
Three Poems
Cal Revely-Calder
‘Balsa Jericho’
Helen Charman
Four Poems
James Sanders
Three Poems
Sophie Seita & Danny Snelson

‘Lodging & Dislodging the Little Magazine’
A Google-Doc Conversation

Jonathan Chandler
‘The Racer’
Leah Sophia Dworkin
‘The Light Sculptor’
Carl Stone (talks to) Jack Goldstein

‘Carl Stone & the Kalifornia Dreamstock of the Yankee...’
Amy Key
Three Poems
Emily Critchley
Three Poems,
Three Dedications,

& ‘Past Filmic Tense’
Sam Riviere conversation
On ‘If a Leaf Falls Press’
Kenneth Goldsmith conversation

James R. Hugunin
‘A Case-Study: Wreck-Ages’
Tse Hao Guang
Two Poems
Stefano Harney & Fred Moten
“The University & the Undercommons”
Rachel Blau Duplessis
‘(Three of) Thirteen Rays’

Joanna Rafael Goldberg
Two Stories:
‘Alma Mahler attends a Party...’
& ‘Valentine’
James R. Hugunin
from ‘Re-Threads’

Mark von Schlegell
‘Clumps (of Roussel)’
D.E. Steward
‘Magnificent Frigatebird’
Yating He
‘Four Paintings of Peop
Martin Jackson
Four Poems
Chris Campanioni
Two Poems
John Holten
‘The Future of Reading’

Jacques Testard conversation

Fitzcarraldo Editions
Ollie Todd
Two Poems
Alison Frank
‘The Rupture’

Jess Chandler & Will Shutes conversation with Jen Calleja
Test Centre
Edward Doegar
Two Poems
Owen Vince
“self assembly is...”
Oliver Zarandi
A Threat
Martin Jackson
‘Greek Landscapes’
Colm O’Shea
‘Erwin Schrödinger Blues’
Victoria Manifold
‘I Love you, Lieutenant’
Hannes Bajohr
Jess Cotton
Three Poems (after Antonioni)

Amanda DeMarco
‘A Collection of Quotes from former #1 pound-for-pound MMA fighter, Ronda Rousey, & her Mother, the first U.S. Citizen to win a World Judo Championship’

Micscha Foster Poole
Two Poems
Hoagy Houghton
‘(Several) Studies in Poetry’

Les Fugitives
‘Criminal Aesthetics’ conversation
Mary Rinebold Copeland
‘Doing Coke with You (A Venal Shine)’


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