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New additions to the Hotel Archive:  

George Ttoouli,

Four Poems


‘The New Grotesque’

Angelos Kyriou*

Four Poems

* guest edited by Theodoros Chiotis

A.K. Blakemore
Two Poems
Leah Dworkin
‘The Hole’
Nina Powles
‘Yellow Fragments’
Brian Dillon
Jonathan Chandler
‘The Hitcher’
David Grubbs
‘Skylight Recording’
Glykeria Patramani
Imogen Reid
‘Mind the Gap’
Kate Feld
‘How to Sharpen your Knife’

Esther Kinksy
Rachael Allen & Marie Jacotey
from ‘Nights of Poor Sleep’

Jason Shulman
in conversation...
Laura Elliott

‘lemon, egg, bread’
Oliver Zarandi
Ralf Webb
Three Poems
Geo Bogza
‘175 Minutes in Mizil’
Mark Kozelek
‘Daffodils’ from his Yellow Kitchen
David Hayden
‘The Past’s Future is Not our Present’

Rainald Goetz
‘The Sympathetic Observer’
Anne Michaels
‘Sunday Evening,
Winter Morning,
November Dusk’
Tommy Hazard
‘The Other Zone’
Gareth Evans
Joe Bucciero
‘A Land that I’ve Dreamed Of...’

Scott Esposito
‘To Become a Mermaid...’

Mary Rinebold Copeland
Luc Sante
in conversation...
Carol Mavor
‘The Photographs of R.E.Meatyard’
Russell Persson
On the Island of Malhado
Jakob Nolte
Tremendous Majesties
Frank Witzel
Moments Before & After
Joanna Rafael Goldberg

Without a Fisher King
Sarah Marina
Three Poems
Luke Kennard
Jazmine Linklater
Three Poems/Three Dances
Pierre Senges & Jacob Siefring

Études de Silhouettes
Anna Cathenka
Three Interludes: 
David Bowie lives in my House

Scott McClanahan

Two Pieces of Sarah
Nick Zedd
Pier One Aesthetics (are taking over Art)
Sophie Jung

Producing my Credentials: 
An Unfinished Libretto in Five Pieces, a season in five episodes
Wayne Koestenbaum
S.J. Fowler
Poem-Brut (Parts i & ii)
Luc Sante
The Unknown Soldier
Jack Goldstein
‘Your Existence Watered my Crops:’
Unscrambling Perception with Ariana Grande
Jacob McGuinn
Three (Untitled) Poems
Joseph Turrent
Farrag und Freunde

Three Poems
Emma Mackilligin
Three Poems
Cal Revely-Calder
Balsa Jericho
Helen Charman
Four Poems
James Sanders
Three Poems
Sophie Seita & Danny Snelson

Lodging & Dislodging the Little Magazine
A Google-Doc Conversation

Jonathan Chandler
The Racer
Leah Sophia Dworkin
The Light Sculptor
Carl Stone (talks to) Jack Goldstein

Carl Stone & the Kalifornia Dreamstock of the Yankee...
Amy Key
Three Poems
Emily Critchley
Three Poems,
Three Dedications,
& Past Filmic Tense
Sam Riviere
...in conversation
On ‘If a Leaf Falls Press’
Kenneth Goldsmith

...in conversation

James R. Hugunin
A Case-Study: Wreck-Ages
Tse Hao Guang
Two Poems
Stefano Harney & Fred Moten
“The University & the Undercommons”
Rachel Blau Duplessis
(Three of) Thirteen Rays

Joanna Rafael Goldberg
Two Stories:
‘Alma Mahler attends a Party...’
& ‘Valentine’
James R. Hugunin
from ‘Re-Threads’

Mark von Schlegell
Clumps (of Roussel)
D.E. Steward
Magnificent Frigatebird
Yating He
Four Paintings of People

Martin Jackson
Four Poems
Chris Campanioni
Two Poems
John Holten
The Future of Reading

Jacques Testard
...in conversation

Fitzcarraldo Editions
Ollie Todd
Two Poems
Alison Frank
The Rupture

Jess Chandler & Will Shutes
...in conversation with Jen Calleja
Test Centre
Edward Doegar
Two Poems
Owen Vince
“self assembly is...”
Oliver Zarandi
A Threat
Martin Jackson
Greek Landscapes
Colm O’Shea
Erwin Schrödinger Blues
Victoria Manifold
I Love you, Lieutenant
Hannes Bajohr
Jess Cotton
Three Poems (after Antonioni)

Amanda DeMarco
A Collection of Quotes from former #1 pound-for-pound MMA fighter, Ronda Rousey, & her Mother, the first U.S. Citizen to win a World Judo Championship
Micscha Foster Poole
Two Poems
Hoagy Houghton
(Several) Studies in Poetry

Les Fugitives
Criminal Aesthetics: An Interview

Mary Rinebold Copeland
Doing Coke with You (A Venal Shine)

Hotel #4 available now

23 Rooms in the Hotel Bardo

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Hotel is a magazine for new approaches to fiction, non fiction & poetry & features work from established & emerging talent. Hotel provides the space for experimental reflection on literature’s status as art & cultural mediator. The magazine is bi-annual, the online archive is updated periodically.

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