Hotel Cordel takes its cue from traditional SpanishCordelliteratures. A nineteenth century pamphlet culture that owes to the Portuguese literatura de cordel (translating as a “string” or “thread” literature), Pliegos de cordel [Cordel sheets] are a cousin to the bibliothèque bleue [blue library] in French publishing tradition; a brother to the German Volksbuch [people’s book]: an inexpensively printed pamphlet containing folk novelettes, poems, political statements and songs. So named because they were hung from strings in marketplaces to display these texts to their potential readers, “Cordel” sheets would conform to the traditional chapbook format; printed on a single sheet and then folded into a paper concertina of either 8, 12, 16 or 24 pages. Re-versioning this format, Hotel Cordel runs as a series of collaborative pamphlets that’ll see Hotel partner with other small press projects, publishers, artists and curators to produce a series of pocket literatures in the Cordel tradition.

#1 Detour/Détours
  A collaboration between Hotel, Les Fugitives & I.U.F.                  

  Bastardizing and re-routing a conceptualisation of “Debt”  


#2 — (Announcement Imminent)



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Hotel is a magazine for new approaches to fiction, non fiction & poetry & features work from established & emerging talent. Hotel provides the space for experimental reflection on literature’s status as art & cultural mediator. The magazine is bi-annual, the online archive is updated periodically.

The paper Hotel is designed & typeset by Niall Reynolds
is edited by Jon Auman, Thomas Chadwick & Dominic Jaeckle

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