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Season One/Episode Three

My cholesterol was raised by wolves
I ate too many wolves
No but seriously
I love wolves
But I couldn’t eat
A whole pack.

They clap. You say this was just the beginning. You say I am the pack the all-in-one.
Let’s get to wotsits allabout

(and then post link to roadrunner youtube clip)

No not like that

(post it properly. So people feel they are literally in it. So they feel the desert sand in their cracks and so they feel their limbs torn off by the grr grr grenadine with a pink carrion straw, plz)

I found a pube in the sand.
carry on
I put it between my teeth and pulled.
I pulled it out.
I straightened it between my teeth by pulling.
I left the grains of sand in my mouth as a constant reminder that you can or you can’t
because I haven’t decided
unbend what’s grown out wobbly.
shake head back and forth and left and right in one epic simultaneity and mouth:
Neck us

Next up is us
I say us I call us what you’d call we. No me. What you’d call we.
No me. I’m sorry.
Nexus in the line but the receptionist comes out with the oldest of jokes.
My Cholesterol was raised by wolves
Yet against
Yet again
st long wailing hours.
St. Long Waiting Hours is the patron saint of selling off our health care
full waiting room and the receptionist comes out with the oldest of all patience:
Patience, folks, is described best as:

And you wait and you wait
And you wait a bit and say:
Do not worry, kid
The desert is a vast stretch of land; it has always been vast.
It can’t be vaster.
There is not vaster.
And yet curiosity wins and you nudge up a bit to see the mushroom flop down in its entirety.
Things have to be seen in their entirety.
It could result in the growth of an extra finger or two but all the better for pointing out
of the radiation zone there is little danger.
Not affected.

*    Shh is short for Sonic Hedgehog a protein responsible for accurate cell formation.
I kid, you not so by the time etc.

The smallest work of art must separate itself from the world entirely, like a Hedgehog

I didn’t see it.
Separate issue.
Didn’t see it and so we got hurt and they got hurt.

And with a stung through foot I say: can the doctor see me now.
But I’m about to give away the punch
line up so the nurse comes out
with the oldest of all
riddles: how can I afford to live?
With the oldest of all stereo
Scope is vastest: So vastest you can’t even see its edges.

“Doctor there is an invisible patient in the waiting room”
“Tell them I can’t see them”

And here I am screaming You can hear me You can hear me can’t you.

Yet the lack of mountains and valleys makes for a poor echo.
Makes for a poor call from top to top
So we murmur from bottom to bottom and let the shouts happen in other parts of the strata.
Off the strada we run.
We are faster. The fastest. There is no faster. There is no fas
Test the limits
Test the lim
It’s better you stick to the structures you’ve been given.
We disagree.

We turn around and those that said we must look petrified
Or vaguely annoyed.
You’ll never know if you don’t try
And those that said we mustn’t didn’t expect us to dis
regard the myth in the face.
What now, boss?

So we’re legging it down the desert
ed. Corridors round and round and I wish somebody had told us
This hospital
Ity was spiralling out of
Touch with the price of a cartoon of milk?

The bed
The tunnel
The bed
The tunnel
The bed
Spring it on me like saying:
I haven’t slept a wink
At me for reasons far beyond me (I must not turn to look)

We lost our marbles but I must not look back and watch them roll off the cliff just in case they never left the exact spot I dropped them at.
Also, also: How would you feel knowing it was never marble in the first
Place soap stone in the exact position where you dropped them and be happy you get paid at all.

In the first place soap stone
Them not to death, let’s not get melodramatic he calls out from his triple glassed conservat
Or y tell you about the throwing of all curtains yes the drawing of all potential stepping stones? Because we’re using this story as an ode on a continental
an incontinentally shifting in its bed an ode on a met
amphora there is something to be learned from past mis
takes the metamorphic rocks, throws them into the belly of the wolf and then throws the coyote with a belly full of pebbles out of the glass
housing issues I was told not to mention again.

So I’ll address the trump l’eouil:
The grapes too lifelike, the birds came picking
The bubbles too lifelike the cats came bursting
The tunnel too lifelike the XXXX XXXX XXXXXX
The tunnel too lifelike.

Life. Like when you get the chance and then they
Like life when you get the chance. before

the lack of mountains and valleys produce two other extremes called
Coyote and road run


the rainbow is now fully deformed. He said. We said
nothing, we were busy getting our shotgun out.
When voices aren’t heard, Doc. They aren’t heard.

He said (this is what she says in the film:

Painful chorus
Howls from one throat.

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