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Revolutionary Lists III

(un)Worthy Farm

The Revolutionary Lists project was founded in Portugal in 2018 by the Museo de la Bomba and the Museo de la Soledad. Their first list was comprised of people in Britain in receipt of orders of the British empire (eg. CH, OBE {Sir, Lady}), excluding health workers. A woman read to a musical accompaniment provided by five percussionists, each wearing the student capes popularised by the combination of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book series and Portugal’s fascist past. Rowling was expected to appear as guest of honour (see here). Their second list comprised the 100 people who accepted the invitation of Qatar-owned British Airways to be part of ‘the BA 100’—a list of British people who “represent the values we (BA) want to celebrate” used to promote the company’s 100th anniversay (see here). The project exists to resolve these kind of problems, and now turns its attention to Glastonbury Festival: a business established in 1972 based on the Glastonbury Fair of 1971 (based on the festivals of the ancients) and cancelled in 2020 due to the plague. With respect to the original dowsing line deciding the position of Glastonbury’s ‘Pyramid Stage,’ an Angel in the employ of the Museo de la Bomba e Soledad celebrates the festival’s absence by reciting the names of each and every act to have performed in the event’s 50 year history, with the exception of the first year where tickets and milk were offered free, at the time and date 2020’s festival gates would have opened. A three minute and thirty second excerpt from this recording (the ‘average’ duration of a pop song, according to NPR) can be found below.

For the full-length recording, see here

Stanley SCHTINTER has been described as an ‘artist’ by the Daily Mail and as an ‘exorcist’ by the Daily Star.


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