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A music based on bricks & water

STONE HOUSE (Canigou Records, 2019) was written and recorded in a house in rural Southern France. It was approached with a loose question in mind, can a house become a musical instrument? Through live improvisations recorded at different points in the building and sampling parts of the house itself, the album grew into an attempt to sonically map its space and the relationship it has with its surrounding environment. Stone, earth, water; the solid and fluid building blocks of a house and its land—the movement from outside to inside, from hot to cool—generate subtle, yet profound nuances when occupying a space week on week. Recorded against the backdrop of late summer, the eight tracks attempt to depict the house and landscape through the changing of a season. Hotel presents two of that eight below.

For the full-length recording, courtesy of Canigou Records, see here; for more of Yamachan’s exploits see here & here. 

Yamachan are Hoagy HOUGHTON and Jackie FORD, friends with benefits from London. Benefits include music releases Consequence #1 (2015), Consequence #2 (2017) and Stone House (2019). They have further collaborated on BinBags Cinema and Living Room (2015), a communal DIY cinema and performance space created in their flat in Peckham. Yamachan is also a recipe for heart shaped cakes made from vegetables found on the street (ongoing).


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