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THREE poems
            from THANKS



            this isn’t the desert
            the centre of gravity
            say it to me backwards

            walking home after dawn
            fox, foxglove, boxes
            “and then we left”

            to our own devices
            consolidating debt
            the fish industry was collapsing

            “but how long will you last?”
            the crisp branches shiver
            nobody tells us what to do


            faces are global landscapes
            among the waves of bluebells
            rippling just beneath the data

            the incipient arrival
            is never as close as when
            you said it would —

            does desire deepen or disperse
            when messages load
            tabs and files opened up like wildflowers, trees in the pacific
                    northwest now

            my computer is asleep
            that canada comes home to
            the houses we left them in


            starlings spreading across the planet like
            pansies we shiver
            a moment in a larger chain or context

            coming toward it we could hide
            some chance of finding it
            unfold in a way that is sort of beautiful

            under the regime where everything makes sense
            of our problems
            but the system

            wasn’t really a system
            when we ended up together
            everywhere else was object

Sam WESELOWSKI is from Vancouver, Canada. He is currently an MA candidate at the University of Kent, where his research focuses on modern and contemporary poetry and poetics. He has presented his academic work at Harvard, Goldsmiths, Simon Fraser University, and the University of East Anglia and his poetry has appeared in Canadian Literature and

I Love My Job is forthcoming from If a Leaf Falls Press. He resides in Canterbury.


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