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Season One/Episode Five

It’s late some say by sin and some by virtue fail

It’s late.
It’s not even a thing it’s basically
Not even a thing anymore. It is literally
It’s late so let’s just
I think let’s just

It’s later
Not now, not ever now as it’s later. Please
Not now.
Not even now, when
Not when

It’s too late
To eve
N to ad
Am I too late to even add the third
It’s not even a thing
It’s things

It’s literally not even a thing anymore
Nothing is a thing
Or more or less
Done with
More or less over with

Fine, it’s dust.
And doned.
Overt and outer
Space is made by nothing even being thing anymore.
Fine it’s not even things anymore, it’s dusted.
Fine for now
Fine for later
Fine for not having done a thing anymore than any other

Done things by the ruler
Well measure
For measured but not quite enough

We’ll measue
A heavy heart for not having done enough
A heavy fine for not having done enough

It’s literally not even a thing anymore

It’s late.

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