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°°°    Pilot


Over to you

/ Pilot

Said one to the other

(repeat in fragments, in shattered pieces)

(insert Airplane joke that goes roger roger I fucking hate roger I swear if I ever see roger again he will etc. wrath etc. will & wrath ltd. Etc.)

it was one ugly wing
spank no span no spank
it one ugly
ignore, 2017
One ugly
The rather as in really rather I’d rather
Have the ugly dog lingering around noah’s b’arking those off that don’t fit this boat.
That voice is the one I will call cunt. Whenever you hear it please shout out C.U:nT
Please shout out loud. Everybody get up and shout out loud, ok?

One ugly
Whoop whooping
Hoot Hooting
What? Waddling
It’s hotter. Its dryer. It’s dry where it should be wet
It’s wet where it should be dry.
Crying is one of many options.
Salt water be good for your sinus
up sinus the doggo. We’re off on a cruise.
We’re taking the offer of a bruised shin to auburn the placid skin,
The pink’un what a f’d up colour to choose, or is it me?

Stockings up
Stock things down.
It’s simple.
Stocks are going nowhere, mate.
Going nowhere. Harbour the resentment
Harbour the police.
They’re not here for us, silly. Said the (now shout C.U:nT)
This little trip is well overdue. A little self c
Heir to the throne is me. It always has been it always will be.
ME you D.I.C.K is not self obsession but chronic fatigue. Here is the conun
drum the roll
on up the brittle carpet
I wanna put my tired head on a plank of wood.
Now walk that plank ton of issues with the idea of a food chain.
Nr. 1 is why am I always at the top. Nr. 2: is it Chanel? No. Didn’t think so.
Nr. 3 was something to do with the conundrum of the non-possessive pronoun. Was it?

Over the Chanel
That ugly doggo that
Despicable thing didn’t see the couture for the forest.
Didn’t see the pret-a-port whine on you old
Win on you old w
Ait. Ate the crumbs and touched the bums.
That’s not the official story so let’s stick to scripts.
L’ooze with disco with dis
Content is. It is there. Content
Meant I didn’t feel the effects till it was too l’
Licked and swallowed. Not ate.
Ate liked and swallow is an ugly winged
Quid for every time you say “sticky situation”.
I turn around and boggle. I boggle. In the:
Mirror staged once for entertainment and once for brrr
Little ital
I say brr
Utal. Fuck it’s freezing
Lamp et use a
Lamp or better a fire.
Is that alight? Is that alight with you?
Is that alight with
Pride shame and anger?
With pwide shame and angew?
Get over
The channel
Get over it
My heart and hope to dye my hair auburn or oh burn
The roots and start afresh.
You know how that sometimes feels like the only option and yet we’re not even feeling it.
We’re not feeling it. I was wondering if that was Trauma just there. But then I decided it was ignorance.
And then I decided it was sick. And so I’m sick. And so it’s about me again.
Well done. A round of a
Plausible way to explain our lack of come on now. We’re not too ok ourselves. Our lack of com
passion is missing.
Passion is mis
Sing a song of sex pince.
(I know I have to laugh myself. That was a bad one. Or was it?)
I’m not quite so sure anymore these days I
My heart and hope to dye my hair auburn or burn
I’m not quite so sure anymore these days.
The fire has destroyed vast areas of my synaptic mine
Synaptic field. It now goes only ever and ever only and only ever and ever only and it goes:
Lonely lonely lonely (please pronounce the middle E.)
Honey bee no
Body is
Body is
Body is
Some body is and other body isn’t that
The name of the
Gated communally singing?
Come on all you kiddos
Let’s waddle across now let’s waddle a cross now my
Heart will continue
My art will go on
To bore the brains out of anyone willing to list
To list the things wrong
To listen
Up the apples and pears
Is sth we learned at school
down the apples and pears
is sth we accepted gracefully:
thank you sir, of course my monster. Sir.
I mean sir.
Of course my monster sir.
My monsieur, child, is what you want to say, dare I say?
You dare take off your mortar board and I dare hit you over the head with a scaffold
In two and there he lies
Again about saying it was nothing but mutualism.
Come on all you kiddos
Let’s waddle across now let’s waddle a cross my
Best dress
I wore
I say, sir you mean wore?
He says
Not much more as I hit him over the head with a copper pipe
And hear the whistle blow
And hear the whist
Full bell
Full well
Up as you hear the belly mumble. It says: can I not have any more now please.
Too much already.
It says: can I forever be touched now please.
Insides, as we’re on the subject:
In testes they showed that the roundness of things can, if circumstances are right, lead to infinitesimal violence.
In tests they showed that dyed hair will cause
{Who fucking gives a shit?}
If you follow etiquette, you don’t give it you flush it and that is precisely
Now that is precisely what is
Not working with our system
I mean cistern. Sorry. I’m sorry.
No harm done. Can I get you a drink?

I’ll split a bottle of liquid with you
I saw it in
half the wo
mane has come off in my fight with the patri
arch and OTT as usual he says and I apologize and arch again for the ships need a healthy entrance way in.
I am not a tyger and short hair is just so much easier to manage, you know?


Recent research
(shut the)
recent research
(shut the)
recent research suggests the melting glaciers are causing the earths waistline to spread
And I told you all she ever talks about is her figure
Of speech it goes like
No bend in the track
Record me put on the
breaks my brain in
Half the man you’ll ever bee
Can I send on a bee?
I read we end on a bee. Debunking myths.
Or also not.
Also not.
Oh nam, oh dog
(and one day they will figure out what I did there and they will say, nam, she was a if ever et.c.

I miss Pangea.

Now that is all.

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