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Naazim RICHARDSON, Lately ° 
        Oliver GOLDSTEIN

Swimming without getting wet
Is hard like eating without food
Or starving without hunger
Or driving without a car.
You prefer heavyweight
For fighters but podcasts
Are jejune. You are a very
Busy man. You wield a pool
Noodle in sleep. Not phallocentric
But the pool noodle made local.
You invite all the ephemera
Of the pool to a giant play fight.
You sell the rights to CNN. Everyone
Wants in. You visit Chicago
But it doesn’t smell
Like chocolate anymore.
Thanks Ira. Daniel Boyarin
Finished with the Talmud
And visits you in Philly.
Scared of heroics you
Advise couplets only
In emergencies. Cravan
Was not born of woman
Or so Mina Loy assures you.
The pool noodle grows wings.
You elope with it, whispering lyrically,
I’m no lifesaver baby
I just know cuts pool noodles prosody
And how to man a corner:

So stick that knife in X
Make that Mexico bleed

Oliver GOLDSTEIN is a writer based in Cambridge; his work mainly concerns poetry of the long nineteenth century and boxing.

° Naazim RICHARDSON is an American boxing trainer from Philadelphia. Richardson is most notable for training Bernard Hopkins and “Sugar” Shane Mosley, in addition to Steve Cunningham and Karl Dargan; furthermore, he is known for catching Antonio Margarito with plaster knuckle pads in his hand-wraps, prior to Margarito’s fight with Mosley, leading to Margarito’s eventual one year suspension from the sport of boxing.

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