Mohaned Nur

 Four Poems, selected from 

My Geopolitics


1. Geopolitics

Meet me in the Kempinski lobby
Through the Emirati fields
When my white master gives me a visa

2. Hmmm

There’s a cheesy ass place in
Do you have a place in mind ?
I don’t have a bed
Let me think where we should go
Okay then pick a hotel
I’m in the mall
Alright I’m walking to vox

3. Hahaha

white lies
White tears
White tears is when white people cry
cause they feel bullied
The pope can suck it
They are made for suck in’
It’s right
Come now

3. There’s a lot of things I want to say

Hahaha aww you’re flying to Paris ?
Can I come
What is it in French ?
Baghdad ah
Honestly wish we could meet in a prettier

Mohaned Ali Nur is a queer-identifying artist from Alexandria, Egypt.

The poems are an edited collection of words from a WhatsApp chat conversation between Nur and a friend, Jean (circa 2015).



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