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Two Poems—
‘Unboxing, Teardown’

unboxing, teardown 

please arrange the meet as I am hesitant

             and it’s hesitant I come to you and put
this point across. And by the way
I want not recompense, no not.
What I do now I do for love and thwarted love.
Your press pounds move not slightly will I take
your envelope.         Start.
He was all and is all and is much to me,
was α UMi, my inner ear, Sherpa Tenzing;
he was the bust and boom and behemoth
and here's the thing, he came down like a starch
of whomping bricks, of stalactites, and made
even the outside hope my insides sort.     Therefore, start.

unboxing, teardown 

do not rush to the curbless bounds

Don’t rush off to the curbless bounds of a fanclub.
Take as instead your role the numinous artichoke.
Bulk up your instep with whey fermented.
Supple your mind with entertaining Buzzfeed perks.
There is a preparation must be made for the years
when only Romans wolf the highways down,
and artichokes invest you with a latent sigh.
You hold one in you, palm and pick off
the rotting lower leaf, remembering hale
and walks around the camp, and the soft fuzz
on your back finger old.        I say back
as the front was sticky, coarse from use.

Mischa FOSTER POOLE has lived in Granada, Kiev, Paris, Berlin and now Peckham, where he runs a monthly poetry night called THE THE THE. His poetry has appeared previously in Poetry London & 3:AM Magazine.

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