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I Have Brought Several Changes
of Hat With Me

Dictionary of insults: disinterested disrespectful dispassionate
I heap the plate with meats and cheese and big fat jokes
open my jaw fully until I hear a clicking
anti-meridian brunch, a morning’s worth waking up for
put on a jacket, call the waitress, test the punchline
always works best when disparaging friends and family

I am more than confident being unconfident
and certainly way more than I can channel
this is my language and it is a beautiful language
and all I’m trying to say is: my poor heart
I cannot take this beautiful girl’s suffering

Dictionary of colours: chalk blue melocotón and pearly pussy
always have faith in yourself and abstract concepts
at night I count the blackheads on my nose, there are forty
I let them be, accept myself – love nearly
practice my moustache in the mirror, don’t you think?
it gives me the look of a real-life journalist

The girls are mutts, soft furry lapdogs
one leg this way, the other over here
if I could drape them cross a chair, the details like I like them
I swear I’d put the effort in and take up painting

I recently quit smoking and I find
albeit my humour hasn’t dwindled
it hasn’t gotten better.



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