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I stand outside
As Joel
smokes a cigarette
and we both
stare out
on the empty sidewalk
and he says something like,
5 years ago I wanted to conquer the world
and now I drive a Honda Civic
and damn.
What we don’t know could fill books.
What we do know:
How powerful
it is
to stand
on the top
of a building
and shout
across a dirty street
and feel
like we
have finally

This is deep. It is really deep.

Lauren DOSTAL is an assistant prose poetry editor for Pithead Chapel and a fiction reader for Outlook Springs. She graduated from Florida State and now lives in a steamy, mosquito-ridden suburb of Tampa, FL. Her recent work can be found in Entropy, Split Lip and Always Crashing. She tweets at @ell_emm_dee.


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Partner to a press called Tenement, Hotel is a publications series for new approaches to fiction, non fiction & poetry & features work from established & emerging talent. Hotel provides the space for experimental reflection on literature’s status as art & cultural mediator. 

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