In the shelter of night, men escort women to the hospital.
Whether it’s on foot, in a cab, their own or a borrowed car.
In the lightfaint corridor of the hospital the man sits down on a bench or in a chair while the orderly takes the woman in to see the doctor.
There the doctor listens to the woman’s words and heartbeat.
Or goes into her and takes a test.
Meanwhile the man sits in the corridor and chats to the night guard.
Sometimes the man and the night guard drink coffee from plastic cups but mostly the man drinks the coffee from the plastic cup alone.
Before daybreak the doors to the examination room open and the man escorts the woman farther down the passages of the hospital.

Kristín Ómarsdóttir is the author of seven collections of poetry, five books of short stories, seven novels, and half a dozen plays. Her novels have been translated into many languages including Swedish, French, and English. Her awards include the DV Cultural Award for Literature, the Icelandic Women’s Literature Prize, and the Icelandic national prize for playwright of the year. She has been nominated for the Icelandic Literary Award four times, as well as the Nordic Council Literary Prize.

Vala Thorodds
is an Iceland-born poet and publisher. She is founding director of the independent literary press Partus, managing editor of Sine Wave Peak, and co-editor of the poetry journal Pain.

comeA Poem for Two Voices (after Paul Verlaine)’, written in collaboration by Thorodds and Richard Scott, appears in Hotel #4



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