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FOUR Poems

Two Soliflores
& Two Translations




they scraped
in double bind
closing note
push low and long
a piece
in every fold
I’d point it back
no need to shrink
or see them
let it slap
package sent
years to fall
her eyes behind stuck hours
in the quiet
shreds too foul
to seize
miles sent
to hold


caught uphill
angles out
in spite
hallway scorn
in each step
sharper now than
this for a way
she moved
for a word
just as it could
cease again
and just
because it slides
the catatonic
step resumes
and not a
chance to lift

Iris Colomb


I clasped my hands
beneath the dark veil...
Сжала руки под темной вуалью...

An experimental translation of work by Anna Akhmatova

the back of his mind
so pale today
already walking out

I ran in the past
after him to the gates
so pale today

can I forget this
saying that once
after him to the gates

he just turns around
turns around and smiles
saying that once

a sinister way
just like a stone
turns around and smiles

it was a joke
I ran in the past
he just turns around

a sinister way
just like a stone
I have clutched

the back of his mind
it was a joke
saying that once

saying that once
just like a stone
you’re standing in

can I forget this
you’re standing in
so pale today

saying that once
a sinister way
turns around and smiles

saying that once
just like a stone
don’t stand in the wind

This is how you listen intently...

Так вслушиваются...

 An experimental translation of work by Marina Tsvetaeva

loosing has a name
we don’t know
a verb to fall into
kind of like listening
into the listening

children who cry
into the crying into the cry
gulp into the gulp
shouting into the shout

whisper further into the whisper
quiet into the quiet
falling into being
just the name

it’s the end of the river
she invented it
to break the rhythm
to hear it all the way upstream

doing something
into something.
which has fallen dead

it’s a negative
you suffer into it


Iris Colomb’s practice explores different relationships between visual and spoken forms of text through projects often involving experimental translation and poetic book-objects. She has given individual, collaborative and interactive performances across the UK, as well as in Austria, Romania, and France. Iris’ pamphlet I’m Shocked came out with Bad Betty Press in 2018, and her chapbook just promise you won’t write was published by Gang Press in 2019. Her poems have also appeared in magazines including Para·text, Poetry Wales, Datableed and Berfrois, as well as in a number of UK anthologies. Iris is Co-Editor of HVTN Press and a member of the interdisciplinary collective No Such Thing.

Eta Dahlia is a Russian poet and filmmaker based in London. His work combines minimalist Russian poetry with a range of other audio-visual media. He works with spoken words, images, colours and music, integrating these elements into inseparable rhythmic and rhyming compositions to create coherent and complete multimedia poetic pieces. One of his goals is to strive to achieve a universal type of a poem, where the understanding and appreciation of the piece is not limited to its original language. Recently, Eta’s work has been exhibited at the National Poetry Library at Southbank Centre (London), the Centre for Recent Drawing (London), Vortex Jazz Club (London), Z9 poetry festival (Sibiu), various poetry magazines and poetry film festivals. He is also a member of the interdisciplinary collective No Such Thing.



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