Announcing Hotel #5

Winter, 2018

Hotel #5 is now available for pre-orders and early-bird subscriptions; see here


        Isabel Galleymore;
        Aidan Moffat;
        Georgia Haire;
        Hélène Frederick, translated by Jacob Siefring;
        John Divola;
        Ryunosuke Akutagawa, translated by Ryan C.K. Choi;
        Carla Maliandi, translated by Frances Riddle;
        Jenny Hval, translated by Marjam Idriss;
        Noémi Lefebvre, translated by Sophie Lewis;
        John Holten & Jonathan Monk;
        Rachel Kass;
        Nicolette Polek;
        Raul Guerrero;
        Daisy Lafarge;
        Joshua Cohen;
        Jack Underwood;
        Stanley Schtinter;
        Lucy Mercer;
        Nathalie Léger, translated by Amanda DeMarco;
        Ariana Reines;
        P. Adams Sitney;
        John Saul;
        Jeffrey Valance;
        Sophie Seita;
        & an epigram from Sandro Miller


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Hotel is a magazine for new approaches to fiction, non fiction & poetry & features work from established & emerging talent. Hotel provides the space for experimental reflection on literature’s status as art & cultural mediator. The magazine is bi-annual, the online archive is updated periodically.

The paper Hotel is designed & typeset by Niall Reynolds
is edited by Jon Auman, Thomas Chadwick & Dominic Jaeckle

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