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Adrian Bridget

In 1667, while performing in Andromache, Montfleury died on stage. In 1673, while performing in The Hypochondriac, Molière died on stage. In 1817, while performing in Jane Shore, Mr Cummins died on stage. In 1888, while performing in Faust, Frederick Frederici died on stage. In 1905, while performing in Becket, Henry Irving died on stage. In 1955, while performing in The Shrike, Isabel Bonner died on stage. In 1961, while performing in Sextette, Alan Marshal died on stage. In 1970, while performing in Macbeth, George Ostroska died on stage. In 1985, while performing in The Dance of Birth and Death, Yoshiuki Takada died on stage. In 1987, while performing in The Marriage of Figaro, Andrei Mironov died on stage. In 1997, while performing in Jesus Christ Superstar, Anthony Wheeler died on stage. In 2003, while performing in Waiting for Godot, Gordon Reid died on stage.



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Hotel is a magazine for new approaches to fiction, non fiction & poetry & features work from established & emerging talent. Hotel provides the space for experimental reflection on literature’s status as art & cultural mediator. The magazine is bi-annual, the online archive is updated periodically.

The paper Hotel is designed & typeset by Niall Reynolds

is edited by Jon Auman, Thomas Chadwick & Dominic Jaeckle

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The lead images on the home page are by James R. Hugunin, excerpted from Re:Treads (1974); two photo-translations appear in Hotel #4

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