‘The New Grotesque’

We made ourselves ugly  : I carry within myself a deformity, a terminal code, decay, your decay, adolescence  :  disembowel me :  cut-up my political archives, my monochrome mass, my dark ecology :  what’s left will be necromancy.

Why don’t we go to the market  :  dead dolls collect data & cry their merchandise loudly.

Come buy  :  come buy  : our savage poems & our lethal phrases  :  don’t make corrections  :  kill the narcissists with your metaphors  :  & if everything else fails use the suffix ‘ectomy’(removal).

Come buy  :  come buy  : those great key words  :  canary turquoise radiantly unrestricted  :  faux pas & wilderness  :  don’t look back  :  come buy :  come buy  :  the words of the day  :  deep dreaming & projections. 

Check out the method of presenting the facts in reverse :  why not do it better  : remix the mottos of the century :  forbidden rites, flowers of fog & nothingness  :  salamanders, dynamic protocols & prosthetics.

There are no odes to beauty  :  reread the false narratives, the private mythologies  :  what do you have to offer  : diaries, dates of birth & short answers don’t count  : why don’t you edit Cassandra’s dreams  : why don’t you unwrite them.

Come buy  :  come buy  : the last mirror words, jokes & dazzling techniques, our filters  : clairvoyance, languor & recasting.

Do what you have to  : add to the long list of search terms :  make the words  :  who wants death. 

At night, the new breed of undesirables laugh and scream :  WE’RE MORE THAN WITNESSES.

D.I. has published poems in ZARF, Tears in the Fence, DATABLEED, Litmus, Blackbox Manifold, and the anthology Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis (Penned in the Margins). She curates, and is the author of the experimental novella Soy Sea (Futura, Athens). For more, please check Hotel Repertoire.

D.I.’s writing appears in the Hotel Archive as a part of an ongoing series of translations, comissions and selections of new Greek writing curated by Theodoros Chiotis.


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