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We made ourselves ugly  :   I carry within myself a deformity, a terminal code, decay, your decay, adolescence  :  disembowel me :  cut-up my political archives, my monochrome mass, my dark ecology :  what’s left will be necromancy.

Why don’t we go to the market  :  dead dolls collect data & cry their merchandise loudly.

Come buy  :  come buy  : our savage poems & our lethal phrases  :  don’t make corrections  :  kill the narcissists with your metaphors  :  & if everything else fails use the suffix ‘ectomy’(removal).

Come buy  :  come buy  : those great key words  :  canary turquoise radiantly unrestricted  :  faux pas & wilderness  :  don’t look back  :  come buy :  come buy  :  the words of the day  :  deep dreaming & projections. 

Check out the method of presenting the facts in reverse :  why not do it better  : remix the mottos of the century :  forbidden rites, flowers of fog & nothingness  :  salamanders, dynamic protocols & prosthetics.

There are no odes to beauty  :  reread the false narratives, the private mythologies  :  what do you have to offer  : diaries, dates of birth & short answers don’t count  : why don’t you edit Cassandra’s dreams  : why don’t you unwrite them.

Come buy  :  come buy  : the last mirror words, jokes & dazzling techniques, our filters  : clairvoyance, languor & recasting.

Do what you have to  : add to the long list of search terms :  make the words  :  who wants death. 

At night, the new breed of undesirables laugh and scream :  WE’RE MORE THAN WITNESSES.

D.I. has published poems in ZARF, Tears in the Fence, DATABLEED, Litmus, Blackbox Manifold, and the anthology Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis (Penned in the Margins). She curates, and is the author of the experimental novella Soy Sea (Futura, Athens). 

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Partner to a press called Tenement, Hotel is a publications series for new approaches to fiction, non fiction & poetry & features work from established & emerging talent. Hotel provides the space for experimental reflection on literature’s status as art & cultural mediator. 

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