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                Chris PETIT
                & MORDANT MUSIC



Released in a limited, numbered run of 250 records, Chris Petit & Mordant Music’s In What’s Missing, Is Where Love Has Gone is an inaugural vinyl LP from Stanley Schtinter’s (anti-everything) anti-record-label inspired by a freeze frame taken accidentally from Nicolas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell to Earth, the poem ‘NO SHOW’ is included as an accompanying insert secreted in the sleeve.

The record is available for purchase here.

Chris PETIT is an English novelist and filmmaker.

is an artist, filmmaker and writer whose recent and forthcoming works include HOTEL BARDO, which Iain Sinclair has called “the last avant-garde anti-project at the end of time;” NIDDER, a piece Schtinter was commissioned to make by heritage landscape organisations in North Yorkshire (he in turn passed on the commission to a brotherhood of Sufi Islamic musicians: to write and record a concept album about the area in the aftermath of its nuclear obliteration); FUNERAL OF DIANA PRINCESS OF WALES 2.0: the artist’s word-for-word recreation of Princess Diana’s funeral in Salford in 2018, “bound to supplant the 1997 event in the mind of everyone who was there” (Anna Aslanyan). Schtinter is also the founder of the anti-record-label (anti-everything) PURGE.XXX and the Instagram-based death-cult, lonely6438. He programmes film internationally and acts as ‘keeper of the sacred flame’ at Close-Up Film Centre in London. He is CE, MD and RD at MUSEO DE LA BOMBA, D.O.D.I.H. (The Directory Of Did It Happen) and P.O.T.P.R.O.H.D.L. (Peasants of The People’s Republic of Hackney Defense League).


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