Jeffrey Vallance 
  Chapelle de Poulet



The ever-vigilant spirit rooster sounds the alarm

Jeffrey Vallance
Blinky the Friendly Hen
40th Anniversary Emblem
Mixed media on Canvas
48 x 72 inches

In the Santeria religion, the figure of a rooster standing atop a chalice represents the guardian deity Osun, the Ever-Vigilant Sentry. The Iron Chalice of Osun is identifiable with a white metal rooster perched on a cup with small metal charms dangling from the lid that is attached to a tall pedestal with a heavy lead base. It is weighted so it cannot tip over accidentally. Osun’s primary job is to alert practitioners of peril. In homes, Osun stands on a high shelf or on top of a bookcase, allowing him to peer throughout the house. If he tips over or falls by himself, a catastrophic event is imminent. According to tradition, Osun was chosen by the deity Obatalá (creator sky-father) to be the sacred watchman. Like a rooster in a barnyard, Osun alerts Obatalá in case of danger.



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