Jonathan Chandler

Born in coastal Suffolk in 1977, Jonathan Chandler studied film under Tony Hill. After film school he fell in with the Famicon Collective. After a decade and a half of working in the comics mediumship he earned himself the moniker of ‘Britain's most isolated cartoonist.’ His works have been described as “scorched-earth sex nightmares,” often playing out as Darwinian struggles in bleak undefined landscapes. His recent efforts include collected works in ‘Another Blue World’ and the ongoing John’s Worth, both from Breakdown Press, and the summer smash hit of 2016 You Are Crumbling My Jonathans from Famicon Express. Last year also saw the release of his first novel, crime thriller Bad Man Standing, from Landfill Editions. He is resident artist for the Folk Horror Cinema Club
    In Chandler’s ‘The Racer,’ he riffs on his movement from the comic to the novel and back again. ‘The Hitcher’ is an excerpted story from the forthcoming vanta black comedy collection Wet Shape In The Dark, which will be published by Breakdown Press in Summer 2018, the home of his ongoing crime and body-horror comic John’s Worth. Chandler has just made available a two-edition archive collection—Be Careful What You Read—a collection spanning a decade of comics and drawings from 2006-2016. The book is available from him directly: see his blog for details at and follow him @newmancruise. Hotel published Chandler’s comicThe Racerin the Autumn months of 2017; his work will also feature as epigram to the forthcoming Hotel #4; available now for pre-order.

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