A House on Fire

  (Translations After Attila József)

A numbered edition of 100;
Designed by Niall Reynolds

A Hotel Europoe Project [], edited by SJ Fowler and Dominic Jaeckle, A House on Fire is a sixteen-frame chapbook that creatively translates and transmutes Attila József’s The Seventh (A hetedik).’ A House on Fire’ is a multipart conversation. A project that advocates the creative possibilities of miscommunication across languages and considers the possibilities of a conversation as it rolls over language barriers.

Beginning with Attila József’s poem, the collection will collate creative translations, transversions, transformations and bastardizations of the original text that collectively and imaginatively respond to the original in formal, playful and creative re-visionings. Imagine a game of Chinese whispers that concentrates solely on the changes; ‘A House on Fire’ will see József’s ‘Seventh’ traffic across sixteen frames—a different language for each connecting frame—with the first, eighth and sixteenth frames translated back into English. This is a game without winners where we aim to celebrate creative difference and toy with translation as praxis.

Details on contributors will be announced shortly

A House on Fire’ is part-supported by the Balassi Institute (London), and will feature in a special event curated by SJ Fowler at the centre on June 5th, 2019. Hotel Europoe is a rolling, collaborative venture between the European Poetry Festival & Hotel. The two paintings are works by Hungarian artist János Huszti(above) A portrait of Attila József (2017); (below) an anonymised portrait of20th Century Man (2018).

Edited by SJ Fowler & Dominic Jaeckle



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